artpal junk acrylic color painting
this gentle interpretation of garden
flowers with a surprising final technique touch.
More fun for your brushes..
Holland Zaanse Folk Art
The color of Spring and the fragrance of the flowers
Wall for Acrylic paintings
Antique paintings
Rose of Jo Sonja
This packet has instructions for the techniques
used to achieve these beautiful stroke florals
oil painting
Unfinished furniture is available from a variety of sources.
Ros Stallcup of Garden
By popular demand this design is now available
in a new pattern packet. Color Step Worksheets are included
a folk art article
Easily adaptable to other furniture pieces,
this wonderful glazed piece has a warm, rich glow
Rose lamp of Mary Jo Leisure
There is a Chippendale influence on this old style,
especially in the strokes that form the flowers.
The strokes of will tempt your brush as we paint
with more accent the strokes with texture

oil painting
gentle country garden flowers in stylized
Keulrekgibeopui Console
These techniques are good for the top of a desk
where a smooth surface for writing is desirable